Unique handicrafts made of clothes, bags, inner tubes, remnants of upholstery fabrics

Ethical and sustainable 100% upcycled couture fashion

A fanny bag tailored perfectly for you! I also fulfill larger orders for corporations.

Tell us your favorite colors, movies, and music preferences. Are you an introvert who prefers
to blend in, or do you crave something that stands out? Describe your dream waist pack, and
we’ll craft it for you. If you have fabric from old jackets or pants that you no longer wear but
would like to give them a second life, you can send them to us. We’ll transform them into a
waist pack, backpack, or cosmetics bag (depending on the type of fabric).
If your company has unused billboards or advertising banners, let us know; perhaps we can
create waist packs from them. I collaborate with corporations.

Krok 1
Describe your dream waist pack in as much detail as possible and don't hold back on the specifics. Specify the size, colors, and patterns, as well as the type of strap and zipper color.
Krok 2
After gathering the materials, you will receive photos of the waist pack design. We start sewing after final concept approval.
Krok 3
You can enjoy your absolutely unique and one-of-a-kind couture hip bag.
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