You can't change the world, but you can change your purse...

świata nie zmienisz, ale nerkę możesz

Bryzka was born out of a need for independence and rebellion against consumerism. Our
products are a response to mass production, the fast pace of life, and the pursuit of novelty.
Most of what we need to produce our waist packs has already been manufactured. With a few
pairs of hands, we’re able to conjure up unique and one-of-a-kind bags from materials that
are 100% second-hand or destined for disposal.

Hi, it's Aneta B. Bryzka here. A Polish language teacher who started sewing... during break time!

From an early age I felt a strong need to express myself through clothes and accessories. Discouraged by chain stores and the repetition of the offered clothes, I discovered thrift shops, which I fell in love with from the first hunted gem. While studying Polish and working in schools in Lodz, I spent every free time looking for unique second-hand items. This confirmed my belief that in this way I can be 100% myself, and at the same time I do not contribute to the production of unethical clothing.

However, for a long time I couldn’t find the perfect handbag that was primarily practical. I needed something where I could put the most important things (such as wallet, phone and keys) while having both hands free. So I decided to sew something like this! I signed up for a sewing course, found the perfect materials in a second hand store and that’s how my first bag was born!

Today, Bryzka is a small, independent company creating in line with the principles of slow fashion and recycling.

Materials for waist packs and bags come from second-hand sources or
fabrics destined for disposal (such as end-of-series remnants or scraps from wholesalers). Embedded in the brand’s philosophy is the idea of zero waste, utilizing existing resources,
and supporting the local economy. All bags are crafted in a small workshop. I create them
myself with the help of my mom. I also collaborate with experienced seamstresses in Warsaw.
Each of my items is unique – due to the limited amount of material, I mainly sew individual
models. I also fulfill personalized orders. I’m happy to transform your favorite jacket or pants
into a waist pack, bag, backpack, cosmetics pouch, or yoga mat bag, giving the fabric a second
life. Creating beautiful and entirely new items from something old brings immense
satisfaction and contributes positively to our planet


Visit the e-shop, choose your unique kidney and place an order
on-line. The kidneys are made in the process of handicraft from recycled materials, thanks to which most of them are upcycling unique items.

Custom Order

Do you have material from which we can sew aunique hip bag? Reach out to us! We'll gladly design something unique for you and together, contribute our eco-brick to creating a better world.