Unikatowe rękodzieło powstałe z ubrań, toreb, dętek, resztek tkanin obiciowych

Ethical and sustainable couture made of 100% recycled materials

Nerka skrojona idealnie pod Ciebie! Realizuję też większe zamówienia dla korporacji.

Choose your own style and reveal your personality through your made-to-order bag. Personalize everything - from colors and patterns to stripe and zipper. Each customized bag is created based on your specific preferences, fabric selection, and style. I’m happy to upcycle your favorite jacket, jeans, or other pieces of fabric - depending on its quality/durability. 

Jeśli Twoja firma ma niepotrzebne bilbordy, banery reklamowe, napisz, może uda nam się uszyć z tego nerki. Współpracuję z korporacjami. 

Step 1
Drop me a message with your ideas and expectations. Be as detailed as you can when it comes to colors, patterns, and styles. Choose the size of the bag, stripe type, and zipper.
Step 2
As soon as I collect the desired fabrics and pieces, I will start sewing. You will receive photos of your product before it’s shipped to you.
Step 3
Enjoy your unique bag and wear it proudly!